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Hi guys!  Thanks for stopping by today to read and look around.  Today I am wanting to talk about grocery routines and such.  Grocery shopping is one of those dreaded tasks that us mamas have to do- so I am always finding a way to make it more “exciting” {if that is really possible} and more organized!  Follow along and get your grocery groove on!

Pictured above you will see a super cute grocery chart as well as a meal planning section.  I am a fan of lists broken down into sections like you would find in the store {fruits & veggies, dairy, meats, breads, pantry, frozen, household, etc}.  You can make your own quick list with the categories that best suit your household.  Usually I write mine out on a whim on a blank piece of paper.  It works. It may not be a ll colored and cute, but it works. 

My first point of business is to make my meal plan.  So, I come up with seven meals that are tried and true for my family.  An example would be this: Sunday, I will make a crockpot roast with veggies. In my head I think of all the ingredients I need to make this meal {chuck roast, potatoes, carrots, onion, seasonings, rolls}.  I will take inventory of what I already have in the pantry or fridge/freezer and then start my list from there.  I don’t have a roast or potatoes on hand, so that goes on my list.  Roast, under meats and potatoes under fruits & veggies.  After doing this through the entire week of meals, I then write out the things that are non meal related.  This is when I take note of things for the kids lunches, snacks, drinks, etc.  We are getting close to being done!  Yay, you!  

Last but not least…for all my couponing mamas out there, this is my little system when I have coupons for the items on my list.  It is really scientific and crazy so stay focused; I make a dot next to the item on the list that I have a coupon for.  I know, crazy.  I do many scientific things ;) but seriously, this works super good.  Then I always know what items I have a coupon for and I have easy access to the coupon at the purchase time.  

Wallah! You mama, are done and ready to go shop!  Oh, and remember when I said I try and make it “exciting,” well here is my secret….I always get a little teeny reward for doing this beastly task.  Perhaps it’s a little nail polish or lipgloss or even a little ice cream; but it certainly makes the job a little more fun and rewarding, amiright?! 

That is all for today!  Go make your lists and get your grocery groove on!  Share your tips and tricks with us too!

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