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Why you super duper need our binder for back to school!

Hi guys!  Happy Tuesday to you!  This is the last Tuesday of the summer that we have here in the homeland; and I am just in shock!  This summer has gone by soooo fast but it sure has been great!  Hopefully you are feeling prepared and ready to send your kiddos off to school.  We actually just finished the very last of our shopping today!  What a relief!

But you guys, here’s the thing…you still have one supply you should check off of your list!  It isn’t something you can find at Target either ;)  It is the ONE and ONLY One Organized Mama household binder!  And did you know it is personalized for your family and can be used in many ways and is soooo cute?!  Yeah, I am serious.  Of all of our clients and fans who have purchased these binders, we get nothing but rave reviews of its awesome function, yet sweet simplicity of use.  

The reason I LOVE my binder, especially at school time is this:  on the first few days of class, your kiddos will bring home a school calendar.  This will give you exact dates of all observed holidays, staff development days, school function dates, etc.  I am sure to get this sacred piece of paper and I sit and record all of those dates on the family calendar that is in the beginning of my binder.  Then I file that paper away under the school info tab that is in my binder in case I need to revert back to it for any reason.  I also love this binder because it keeps me on track with all of the SUPER FUN science projects and book reports and such that my kids are required to do.  Instead of these project requirements sheets getting lost in a dark place, it gets filed in the binder, under the school tab.  I also keep lunch menus and specials {PE, art, music, library} schedules in this glorious section!  But wait, there’s more!  Your child{ren} all have student ID numbers.  They may be attending different schools too.  I make a quick reference list of the schools phone number, address and my kids’ student # as well as their classroom number and teachers name.  Don’t forget the school skate nights, or the bingo nights, or the carnival night papers too.  And, this is a great place to keep the book order forms that we “will look at tomorrow.”  Are you getting what I am putting down? Mama, you NEED our binder! ;)  And best of all, it comes super duper cute {colored and fun!} and totally personalized!

If you are totally dying to get your hands on one of these, you are totally in luck….we are right here and can take orders anytime!  And the best thing is, you get so many goodies in your binder for only $25!  This will be the go-to binder for everything dealing with your fam, household and finances!

2014-04-03 21.06.21

binder 1


20140321_172553Cute, right?!  Lots of new styles to choose from too.  So which one can we make for you today!?

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