August is dedicated to the “Do-It-Yourself-Organizer”. The person who understands the importance and benefits on an organized home and life.

I presented the question, “What does organization mean to you?” to my team and received some incredibly inspiring responses.

Jilana has been with One Organized Mama for two years and is a very busy wife and mother of four! We affectionately call her the 

We affectionately call her the “Martha Stewart” of our team. She has an innate ability to instantly see a vision when assessing a client’s project. Using a combination of creativity, sheer determination and hard work she accomplishes her vision time and again.

When asked, “What does organization mean to you?” she wrote the following:

I think of our logo….the yoga girl. When I look at her I get a snap shot of the middle of my day when I look around my home, and I’m well on my way to having that “to do” list done, my daughter is at the table completely content with her puzzle, and I’m sorting through my junk drawer. She is who I see at the end of the day when I walk in my home and sigh and flop on the couch because I just want to take “it” in, it is just so nice to be there! It’s not perfect, and there is laundry to be done, but at least it’s “sorted” into like colors and ready to be tackled!

She shows me what it looks like to be beautifully imperfect! She is a living example of “progress, not perfection” and “life on the other side of the junk drawer”.  She has organized, overcome and staying on top of that nemesis “junk drawer” so she can reach the endless possibilities in her life! And her family is thriving because of it!!! Her friends are always asking her how she does it because they too are “striving toward thriving” and want to see life “on the other side of the junk drawer”!

Organization is her tool to overcome.