I am honored to introduce the Magnificent Millisa! Millisa is joining my team to help organize homes in the Las Vegas area and as a contributor to this blog.

You can’t help but smile when you’re around this girl, mostly because she is always smiling. She has a heart for helping others, a passion for organizing and is such an awesome wife and mother. She is the exact ingredient I have been looking for to add to my business.

She is adding a big dose of spunk, enthusiasm, wisdom, and a lot of FUN!!

Stay tuned as we have some exciting new things coming down the pipe for One Organized Mama!

Hello there readers! The fabulous Janel has asked me to do a little post to introduce myself to you all! My name is Millisa {or mom, or mommy, or momma, or honey, or wife} and I just can’t tell you how excited I am to be here! I have been married to my high school honey for 18 years and we have been so blessed with FOUR {yes, i said four!} boys {yes, I said boys}! They are such balls of joy and laughter and craziness! I stay home full time with the little one, and in the interim, I am running the other boys around to school, practices, youth groups, friend’s houses, etc. As you can imagine, this household is non-stop with schedules all over the place! Today I am going to talk about my two main survival items as an “organized mama” that keep me {and the rest of the fam} in check!


First and foremost, THE PLANNER! Yes, I know that we are in the year 2014 and we have calendars and apps that can keep track of the very moment we do anything. Call me crazy, but I just can’t seem to keep up with using a digital calendar or app that requires the data entry. I will admit, I am a paper planner girl! Truth be told, I always have been and I know I’m not alone! For me, there is something about putting pen to paper and planning the day/week. In fact, I have come to be quite the planner connoisseur. The planner I currently use is a discbound system that I found at an office supply store. It is super awesome because I can easily remove any pages or switch things around and the paper just snaps back into place. There are tons of great choices for planners, whether you shop in your local office supply shop or find a more personalized option on the internet. Let me know if you need help in deciding what type of planner is best suited for you and your family!

I have a coding system for my planner that help my husband and I keep track of what’s going on, who is where and what the upcoming events are. To make it simple, I like to highlight with a green marker any plan that is in the book that has to do with one of the kiddos. Appointments for the doctor, dentist, hair, etc. go in a blue marker and overtime work schedules for the hubby go in orange. Because I am the ONLY girl in this huge house of boys, all of my plans go in pink {of course!} One thing that I make sure to do is to take a look at all school papers daily when we go through backpacks. If there are any events coming up {school skate night, library night, movie night, book fair} I mark them down right away in the planner. This is also a golden rule when school initially starts in the fall, to take the main schedule of days off/holidays/staff development days and mark them all down! You’re then already one step ahead in knowing when the kiddos will be out of school. Makes it easy to plan playdates, vacations or alternative childcare.

My older kids also have taken a liking to the planner. When they have something that they want to do, perhaps a birthday party or activity, they check the planner for any interfering plans and then write it in! You can’t have them do that on your calendar in your phone, right?! Bottom line, my planner is a lifesaver! I can take it with me anywhere, and always have a sense of where the day is going. Love to the paper and pen!


My next survival tool is my Household Binder. Brace yourself for all of the awesomeness that is about to go down! Let’s say we are having a playdate with the kids and enjoying a cup of coffee….I would probably have my Household Binder out because it is literally something {like the planner} that I use all day, everyday! In said scenario, you may ask me what this Household Binder is all about…that is when I would light up with excitement to tell you all of the fabulousness that is in this binder! Flipping through it, these are the things you would find {in this order}:

~Cover page with all of our names, birth dates and cell phone numbers.
This is for the quick look information for a babysitter, one of the kids or if we are having a brain block and can’t remember for ourselves!

~Password Log.
We all have many websites that we frequent for purchasing items, for reading blogs, social media, etc. This page is an easy access view to all those silly passwords we have swarming our mind.

~Plastic zip pouch.
I usually store birthday cards, stamps and other little notes in here.

~Monthly finance checklist {pictured below}.
This is a spreadsheet that is labeled January- December with boxes you check next to each bill you have monthly. Can I tell you how much I LOVE this tool?! I can always see if a bill has been paid for the month and it has made budgeting & bill paying a breeze!

~Pocket divider {labeled Finances}.
This is where incoming bills are stored for easy access.

~Pocket divider {labeled Health}.
This is where I store shot records, pending prescriptions, bloodwork/tests to have done.

~Pocket divider {labeled school}
This is where I keep school schedules if I need to check it over, the activity schedules {library, PE, art, music} so we know how to dress the kids that day, and I also record the school phone number, address and the kiddos student ID numbers. You will also find project detail summaries in here {science fair, book reports, etc.} I also keep copies of letters written to teachers here.

~Pocket divider {labeled K&M}
This is where my hubby and I keep any important papers or information. There are also plastic page protector sleeves behind the divider to keep these papers protected and clean.

~Pocket divider {labeled G&L}
Two oldest boys have their papers stored here. Not much in this section as of now but G does store his driving hours log here and can always find them easily for updating his records! In a plastic page protector you will also find their fingerprint cards.

~Pocket divider {labeled N&J}
Two youngest boys have their pocket here too! Fingerprint cards, church lessons and library checkout records.

~Plastic zip pouch.
In this one, I store receipts that I need to keep.

….And that is the super amazing Household Binder! So, what do ya think?! It’s awesome, right?! Remember, this binder can contain all you can think of! Perhaps you would include a “babysitter notes” section, a DVD log, a cleaning checklist, or ANYTHING!



Well, it has sure been a fun time being here with you all today! I hope this peek into my crazy life has been fun and inspirational. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for lots of exciting things that are happening with OOM!!

Until next time,