Hey guys, happy Tuesday to you!  Hoping your weekend was fun-filled and cool and stuff! I am so glad that you stopped by to read Chapter 2 of the Kitchen Organization Project!  Last week, I showed you a quick and easy way to get your spice cupboard de-cluttered and organized.  And it was super awesome {right?!}….Today I am going to show you the ever-so-easy and super amazing medicine cabinet makeover.  It goes a little something like this:


Second verse, same as the first; I went through my medicines and discarded anything that was expired.  I consolidated into one bottle any “same” medicines.  I then did a quick wipe down of the shelves and then it was time for the FUN stuff!  In the photo, you can see that I have used  a couple different types of organization bins.  I purchased three clear acrylic bins for the the main medicines.  The turquoise metal bin, I already had around the house, and the white little bin was a left-over from a kit that I have used in the house.  I only came out of pocket {immediately} for the three clear bins.  I liked them because they were see- thru {purchased at Target}, but you can seriously go to the dollar store and get all the supplies you need for this makeover!  The dollar store has storage bins in bright colors and many different sizes.  I frequent that spot in the store often!  

Ok, let’s get down to business!  Now that you have trashed the stuff you do not need or want, and have wiped down the shelves you’re totally ready to be awesome!  I have made these “tags” with little chalkboard clips.  They are labeled to assign me my medicines, my hubs his medicines, misc. {where the kiddos stuff hangs out}, first aid and spoons/cups {for all those droppers and dispensing cups that you NEED but can never find!}.  Since I have done this little makeover, we LOVE opening that cabinet and seeing how fantastically gorgeous organized it is!  Makes one more small detail in the day really easy and convenient.  It truly is funny how these little things actually make the day go smoother and help you breather easier.

One little step at a time {spice cabinet, medicine cabinet, etc} will get you where you have always wanted to be.  A clean and organized kitchen and a much more peaceful mind when you step in it.

Until next time,