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That big, bare wall

Uncategorized Oct 22, 2020

We all probably have it.  That BIG, bare wall in the house that just seems so daunting.  You look at it and try & try to envision what grandiose thing you could do with it, but all you come up with are blank ideas.  This is where I want to introduce you to….The Family Wall! About seven years ago, I decided in my making a house a home, that it should always include a family wall.  As you can see, ours is BIG and we like it that way!  I have photos in this arrangement of when our oldest son {who is now 17} was an infant, photos from when my hubby and I were dating and photos from just last year.


The awesome thing about a family wall is, you get all of your frames off of tables and shelves and into one place where it all meshes together to create its own magical piece of art.  I find that my hallway, where our family wall is, becomes the center of any gathering we have for a moment.  Our guests take their time looking at each and every photo and get a peek into our lives.  It is such an amazing thing, and a great conversation starter, too!

Creating your own family wall is easy!  I chose to take all of our frames that we already had {some that weren’t already black, I spray painted} and just simply started hanging them.  I am not the most patient girl around, so I don’t really deal with measuring and numbers and all that…but you certainly can!  I always get compliments though, so I guess the “random” method works well too ;)  In the center of our wall, I have a vinyl that I custom ordered off Etsy that says “The Smith Family   Established 1996” {it was like $25}.  I use that as the centerpiece of the photo wall and just hang photos around that.  Easy, right?!

If you have a big, bare wall, maybe you can make it YOUR family wall!  Hang up those beautiful photos, those special memories and make it a part of your home!

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