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Should It Stay Or Should It Go?

Uncategorized Oct 23, 2020

7 Questions To Ask While Decluttering

Will I wear it again? It was so expensive I hate to get rid of it! What if I need it one day and can’t buy it anymore??!!!

Panic while purging is the biggest obstacle to any organizing project. It is something we ALL go through. The following questions are your guide to deciding what stays and what goes.

  1. Does it fit? Whether you’ve lost weight or gained a few pounds, do NOT keep clothing that doesn’t fit! Toss those baggy jeans into that donation bag and pat yourself on the back for your hard work losing weight! If your scale has crept up and those skinny jeans are a little too snug, it’s time to say goodbye. 
  2. Does it work? If it doesn’t work, then you’re not using it. If you’re not using it then it’s taking up valuable space in your home. Put the item in a conspicuous spot, and if you don’t take the time to get it fixed it must go!!!
  3. Does it have value? Do a quick online search for the item to see what it’s selling for. On EBay‘s advanced search page you can do a search to see what items sold for. Unfortunately, most items we purchase for our homes depreciate and have little resale value. 
  4. Do you use it? Not sure? Place a piece of tape on it with a “Use By” date. If you use the item, then take the tape off and keep. If you don’t, it’s time to let it go.
  5. Is it sentimental? We understand that the small trinket reminds you of your first date with your spouse, the day you found out you were expecting your child or of a time in life when you were pretty damn cool. If it has stood the test of time and is still in good condition then keep it! We just suggest you honor the item, take it out of those crumpled, dusty cardboard box and find it a proper home. 
  6. Do you have space for it? And we don’t mean piled on the floor in front of your closet! Organizing is about creating space so that you create more time in your life. Clutter attracts more clutter, so it’s time to make some tough decisions and realize your space limitations.
  7. Do you love it? The silliest reason to keep an item is because someone gave it to you….but you don’t like it. That’s like allowing someone to use the money in your bank account to buy what THEY want for YOU! It just doesn’t make sense. Whether you were given an item or you lost your passion for all things plaid give yourself permission to let it go.

Stay tuned for more Purging and Decluttering techniques to help you overcome Purging Panic!!

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