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Organize Your Life Series: The Financial Bucket

Uncategorized Oct 23, 2020

A very common New Year’s resolution is to save money, right?

Well that can only happen if you’re willing to do one thing……..BUDGET!

My favorite budget tool of all time is Dave Ramsey’s “Monthly Cash Flow Plan”. It is a comprehensive 3-page plan that covers absolutely every expense you can possibly have. (My only complaint is that they recently took out the “blow money” category and replaced it with “pocket money”. Sigh….sounds so grown up.)

I am a paper and pen girl and love scratching out my monthly budget…..there is something so satisfactory about it! Now, I’ve heard that Dave Ramsey has a new budgeting tool for those of you who actually live in the 21st century. It is an app and you can find it on his website

While you’re at it here is the link to his Monthly Cash Flow Plan.

In addition to using Dave’s budget tools I use our One Organized Mama Bill Planner. I have it in the budget section of my One Organized Household Binder and once I pay a bill I check mark the bubble for that bill for the month. I go an extra (obsessive compulsive control freak) step and X it out once that bill clears my bank account. I’m not suggesting that’s what you need to do…..that’s what those of us who are financial/budgeting NERDS do.

Our One Organized Mama Bill Planner is available at our Etsy store and is a great place to start keeping track of bills and expenses. Click here to check it out!

Happy Budgeting!




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