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Organize Your Life Series: Christmas Lights In July…Don’t be that guy.

We are now headed into the second week of January and as professional organizers guess what our number one request is?

You got it…. “Help me take down my Christmas tree and decorations!”

We are busily going from home to home working as hard as little-post-Christmas-elves taking down trees, packing up ornaments and storing wreaths.

If you find yourself in the same boat, here are a few products we love to store holiday decor:

Christmas Tree Storage

Christmas Tree

A cool way to store your tree. Another version comes with wheels. This one can be found at

Ornament Storage

ornament stacker

Here’s why I love this ornament storage box:

  • It is clear so you can see your ornaments.
  • It allows you to store oddly shaped or larger ornaments.
  • The handles make it easy to carry.
  • It has a recessed lid that makes it great for stacking.

You can find this ornament storage box at


Wreath Storage

wreath storage

I prefer hard storage cases for wreaths and this is the exact one I use for mine. It helps keep them keep their shape as well as dust free.

This one can be found at

Christmas Light Storage 

light storage

This wheel is perfect for lights or garland. Simply wrap around the “Wrap-N-Roll” and make untangling a distant memory of Christmas’ past!

You can check it out at

Happy Organizing!




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