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On your mark, get set…GO!

Hi there readers!  Hoping your Tuesday has been remarkable and that you are enjoying the first few days of September and the fact that we are on the cusp of fall!  You know what that means, right?!  PUMPKIN EVERYTHING!  Literally, everything.  It gets no better.  Seriously.  With the change of season drawing near, the kiddos back in school and schedules becoming a little more solid, it really is a great time to start considering using your spare time to get your home in order.  You know, while the kiddos are at school, you have more uninterrupted time to get the ball rolling and even have a great deal finished or even all completed before the holidays sneak up on us!

This is how you could start {it’s just one of many ways}:

1.  Pick a room in your home.  Let’s say you want to start with the kitchen.  After kids are dropped off at school, come home, turn on some inspiring, kick butt music and get ready to go!  You can start with the drawer that needs the least cleaning up/ organizing, and go from there.  My solid advice is to always empty the drawer {or cabinet, or closet, or whatever!} and then sort your stuff; keep, give, trash.  Once that is done, a quick wipe down will be great to be sure the space is extra spiffy. From there, organize your items back into the drawer, trash the trash and put that giveaway stuff in the donation box!

2014-05-01 10.38.39

Once that first drawer is done, move on to the next least invasive drawer or cabinet.  Keep going on like this until you finally have worked on each space in your kitchen {this may take a day or several days, be patient!}.  It is kind of like a “debt-snowball” but can be referred to as an “organizing-snowball”.  It is the fastest way to feel accomplished AND actually accomplish your goal!  


After the kitchen is done, pick your next room to tackle!  Second verse, same as the first {meaning, do the same thing as we just went over =)}

Before you know it, and I REALLY mean this, you will have a house that is organized, clean and it will make everyday life so much easier!  Knowing right where something is may not seem like that big of a deal, but when you are running a busy home and chasing kids, it is priceless.  TRUST ME!  

Keep envisioning your home in a fashion that makes you smile when you walk through the door.  What will it take to get there?  Will using your extra time to organize while kids are at school be a start?  I bet so!  Remember we are always here to help you or answer any questions! So……

On your mark….

Get set…..


Until next time.




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