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Not Yo’ Mama’s Filing System

Welcome! Let me introduce you to “Not Yo’ Mama’s Filing System”. This is a brand new product we are offering alongside our very popular Household Binder!

Not Yo’ Mama’s Filing System is a fun, easy and super effective way to keep that paperwork in CHECK.

We now sell a starter kit for only $25 and if you’d rather go out and create one on your own….here’s how:

You’ll need:

  • Hanging file folders in 4 different colors (about 5 in each color should do to start you off!)

hanging files

  • A handful of manila type folders to go inside the hanging files. (I’ll be calling them inserted file from this point forward.)

better manilla

  • Washi tape! (As many colors and designs as your precious heart desires!)


  • A label maker or good ol’ fashioned black marker will do.

label maker

Now here’s the trick….you’ll want to categorize your files by color. For instance, BLUE contains my household/everyday files, with RED think “important”, GREEN is anything concerning money and YELLOW is for all the extras.

The key is to create broad categories. For your vehicle you’ll want an “Auto” section and if you have more than one vehicle simply name the inserted file, “Honda” or “Toyota”. It’s much easier to remove the inserted file and replace it when you get a new car than to redo the entire section of files. So don’t get too specific.

So now that you have your supplies at hand it’s time to get your paperwork in order!

Below is a general guideline for categories. Remember, the colored folders are the hanging type folder and a manila style folder goes inside for more specific items.

BLUE FOLDERS (Think everyday life stuff.)

House (Hanging File)

  • Homeowners/Renters Insurance (Inserted File)
  • Purchase Docs/Lease Agreement (Inserted File)

Auto (Hanging File)

  • Auto Insurance (Inserted File)
  • Purchase Documents (Inserted File)



  •  File for each family member
  • Diploma/Degree
  • Transcripts


  •   File for each family member


RED FOLDERS (These are your IMPORTANT files!)

Vital Records**Ideally in fireproof safe**

  • Birth/Marriage Certificates
  • Military Service Records 
  • Passports


  • Immunization Records
  • Health Insurance
  • Medication/Pharmacy Info


GREEN FOLDERS (Money-Money-Mon-eeeeey!)

Life Insurance


  • Retirement
  • CD’s/Savings Accounts
  • Stocks

Bank Statements



  •  By year

YELLOW FOLDERS (These are for the extras in life.)


  • Gym
  • Costco/Sam’s Club



  • Itinerary
  • Hotel Info
  • Car Rental
  • Confirmation Numbers


  • Sports
  • Music
  • Clubs         

It’s time to put that label maker to work. Create categories ready for paperwork to be inserted. From personal experience clear labels work best especially over Washi tape.

Which brings me to my next question, ever work with Washi tape? If you haven’t let me introduce you to your new friend.

Washi tape has become a recent new addiction for me as I label drawers, containers, closets and more. It’s fantastic as it helps the label stand out and it comes in so many colors and designs the creative possibilities are endless.

Washi tape works fantastically on your file system. Pick a color/design to match categories and to help labels stand out. It’s great for quickly putting files back after you take them out.

colorful labels

Use manila type folders as your inserted files.

inserted file

My last suggestion is to place the tags all in a row. It helps the eye find files faster. It seems easier to overlook files when the tags are staggered. The entire purpose is for things to make your life quick and easy.


For most of us paperwork is the bane of our existence but now with Not Yo’ Mama’s File System it no longer needs to be.

For the ULTIMATE paperwork control consider purchasing both the Household Binder AND Not Yo’ Mama’s File System starter kit. Now every piece of paper in your home will have a home of its own!

Be blessed friends and thank you for reading One Organized Mama!








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