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Nobody is perfect


I often hear phrases like “You’d die if you saw my house”, “You would think I’m a slob”, “I wish I could be as organized as you” etc…

What I am here to get across today, is that no one is perfect.  Seriously.  Ok, we all know people who think they are, but guess what; they ain’t! We are all different and unique.  My quirks are not your quirks.  Your strengths and abilities may not be mine.  And that is the really cool thing about life.  About relationships.  About growth and learning.  I write on this blog and give information about what works for me to keep my family and life organized but I totally do not have it all together.  Like, my closet.  Right now if you saw it, you’d gasp and say I should be fired from this job! I am in the process of transferring things to a new dresser and also ridding items that we no longer use/wear.  Since this closet space is awkward, I am having to really give myself some grace and time in making it functional and awesome!  Case in point, I am striving for progress, not perfection.  {Yes, there will be a closet post soon}.

What I have come to learn, through trial and error and plain ol’ life lessons is this:  perfection is unattainable because perfection is an ideal; an ideal that shifts from person to person.  When the task of starting to organize your home feels too daunting, ask yourself if you are striving for perfection?  Chances are, if that is what you are trying to achieve, you will not make the first move in starting because perfection is unrealistic & you will already feel defeated.  I can not stress enough to you, friends, that you awesome and special and super rad just like you are and that the org. status of your pantry, closet or garage doesn’t make you any less awesome!  So, yay for that!  Right?!

Progress, not perfection.  Say it, live it, love it!  And then allow yourself to begin making the transformations in your organizing wishes since you know that you are awesome, super rad and special {and not perfect}.

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