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Never step on another Lego again!

It’s September and this month we are focusing on all things to get your kids ORGANIZED!! From toys, to back to school, to keeping your sanity during the school year. Stay tuned for upcoming tips, tricks, and ideas.

Contain It


Make clean up easier by providing containers for your kiddos to throw in their bits and bobs.

These small containers from IKEA keep small pieces together. The open tops allow kids to easily pick out pieces once play resumes.

Play Centers


Group toys by “like-items” and create a toy center like this Lego one.

Not only will your little one love having a specific space to play with their favorite toys/games you’ll love knowing exactly where to throw those  sharp little Legos after stepping on them…..OUCH!

A Quiet Zone


Every kid (and parent) needs a quiet zone.

Find a corner to place a small bookcase, some pillows, enjoy some cuddles and a great book!

Creative Corner


It doesn’t take much to inspire creativity in those brilliant little minds!

Provide some paper, items to color with and age appropriate scissors and watch your little Rembrandt create a masterpiece.

Don’t forget to provide a few containers to keep everything together.


Send us your favorite organized kid spaces!

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