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Moments That Matter Mondays: A Home That Makes You Smile!

If you find yourself dreading the walk in your door knowing you’re going to be greeted with piles of unopened mail, closets that you don’t dare open for fear of the contents inside, the apathy of spending money you shouldn’t because you can’t find stuff or making a fast food stop on the way home because you can’t even think about what’s for dinner….we are here to tell you, WE CAN HELP YOU FIND A BETTER WAY!!!

Organizing homes encompasses so many different areas of lives. We help you make decisions on what to keep/toss, how to help your kids stay on top of their school work, setting up your new home or preparing to sell your current one. Of course we’ll organize your garage, children’s playroom or any closet of your choice but there are so many other area’s where we can help you!

Instead of the above scenario, imagine walking in your door casually placing your keys in the pre-designated spot where they’ll stay until your next trip out the door. Plopping your unopened mail into the small bin and placing your purse or wallet in their usual spot. After being greeted by your favorite creatures, whether they be human, canine or feline you kick your feet up for a few moments before  jumping in the next few hours of your day. The smell of dinner wafts through the air from the bubbling crockpot and you close your eyes and smile because there is a plan in action. A plan you don’t have to put much thought into because with a little preparation your day flows pretty easily. You are enjoying your home and your life.

Now, to those of you who are thinking, “Oh BLAH!! I never want to be that predictable or boring!” Allow me to introduce you to….Me. A recovering chaos-aholic. Once upon a time I thought flying by the seat of my pants was awesome and exhilarating and exciting. I couldn’t imagine planning out my day and thought that by doing so was a form of neurosis. Boy, was I wrong.

I discovered the hard way how unbalanced I was and when I added some planning and preparation I was less anxious, accomplished more things in my day, saved money, lost a couple of pounds and could sit and spend time with my kids without the guilt of “just-hurry-through-this-book-as-fast-as-I-can-cause-I-still-have-to-



So by teaching myself some tricks such as the Timer Technique, Daily Rotation, Household Binder and other systems brought balance to my life and gave me a home I now walk into and SMILE!

I hope your home makes you smile!

(If it doesn’t….contact us so we can help ya out!)

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