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Calling All Professional Organizers!!

professional organizer Oct 28, 2020

I was curious about how many hours I’ve spent organizing homes across the Las Vegas Valley so I did a little math. Over the past seven years, I’ve spent almost TEN THOUSAND hours organizing homes for clients!!

No wonder I’m so damn tired!

I started One Organized Mama from ideas scratched out on post-it notes from a dreary office cubicle. Today I still pinch myself, looking back to those days when I made the leap from my office job to start this business and how scared I was.

But I made it work!

I used to carry supplies in the back of my Honda Pilot in a huge plastic bin, spent way too much money on ads that never worked, struggled with employees, had my trademarked business name stolen by copy-cats, and way over-promised to my very first REAL client that I’d have her house unpacked in six hours! (Eight hours later she told me to leave.)

I’ve faced every struggle and made every mistake there is to make running my business.


I’ve learned from them and grew one of the largest and most successful home organization businesses in Las Vegas. That’s not bragging….it’s the honest to God truth.

Now, mind you those ten thousand hours are ONLY hours spent in client homes. They don’t include the hours of actually RUNNING my business….those hours are way beyond ten thousand.

This career has been incredibly rewarding and I want to share my experience, tips, tricks, and secrets with the next generation of professional organizers so……

My Affiliate Organizer Program has launched!

I receive requests from all over the country from people wanting to hire a professional organizer in their area.

“Calling ALL Professional Organizers!!!”

I’d love to help you grow your business and share my tips for starting and running a successful professional organizing business. Whether you’re just getting started or are looking to build your client base, I can help you.

Here’s how it works:

  • You’ll get a listing on my website under our “Hire An Organizer” page that includes a photo, a link to your business website, your business info, & links to your social media accounts. Take a peek at our Nevada organizers here.
  • You’ll have access to our exclusive “Affiliates-Only” Facebook group to connect with other organizers in our program, ask questions, get creative tips, product ideas, hire other organizers for your larger projects & more!
  • I’ll share the spotlight with you on One Organized Mama’s social media pages with links to your website and social media pages to help grow your business even more.
  • Depending on which package you choose you’ll receive One Organized Mama’s ten-module program on running a professional organizing business ($199 value)*
  • Plus, I’ll send you an invitation to our “Direct Leads” program with vetted clients. Leads are given to ONE organizer only.

How much?

$199 for 12 months (you get the 10-module program for FREE)

$99 for 6 months (you get 50% off the 10-module program)

$19 per month (25% off the 10-module program) 


I am a strong believer that community over competition makes for a successful business in our industry. We are all blessed with different talents, skill-levels, unique personalities that meet the needs of our clients.

It’s a tough job out there so get some support behind ya!

Ready to join us?

Email [email protected] and we’ll answer your questions and help you get started!

Thank you for reading and for reaching out!





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