Oh hey guys! Happy Tuesday!  Today I am going to be sharing with you the easiest organizing idea in ALL of EVER!  {well, at least to me it is}  I like to call this little thing the “Box ‘O Memories.”  That’s a really sophisticated awesome name, and you know it! Ready for this? …..Let’s do it!

So, as I talked about in my previous post, you all know that I have the honor of being a mama to FOUR boys!  As you can imagine, this means that we have many, many, many, many {did i say many?!} projects, special writings, artwork, crafts and other goodies that come home from school & church classes.  For a long while, these oh-so-cute items adorn the refrigerator doors and then eventually it is time for them to share the stage with other projects that want their time in the spotlight!  So, what to do with the “old” projects?  We want to preserve them but our old method of keeping them in a folder proved itself to not be oh-so-perfect once there was too much stuff to stuff in there.  My solution..? I have purchased storage bins in four different colors. The boy’s names have been labeled on the bins {ex: G’s memory box} and anytime we have something that we want to keep, but not necessarily displayed, goes in their box.  On the back of each project, or paper, I write the date and the child’s name.  This is important so we can remember the age of our precious babe when they wrote the story about “Mom and Her Green Face Mask” or other musings. {True story}


Eventually, my babes will grow up and move away.  When the day comes that they purchase their own home and have a family, these memory boxes can be passed along to them. It will provide hours of fun looking through and reminiscing {and their kids can make fun of how old they are and how “old school” they used to be}.   


Have fun with your memory bins.  You can decorate them to be super cute and fun.  You can even let your kiddos decorate them and add their personal touch! After all, these are their memories being stored in there! These boxes serve as a quick organizing tool that keeps your keepsakes preserved, organized and safe!


Until next time,