Hi there!  Happy Spring Break Tuesday! {well, it is Spring Break in our neck of the woods, anyway}  Hope you’re enjoying some fun in the sun with the kiddos! I have been contemplating what I should post about for this fabulous day and then it HIT me like a brick!  SPRING BREAK! Keeping the kids entertained {and the mama mind sane} can be a challenge at times during this week off, especially if you are having a “stay in town” break. Days might meld together, feeling like all you are doing is cleaning more clutter, doing more laundry and keeping things organized.  Avoiding the SBB {Spring Break Blues} is super easy and can actually guarantee MORE time for fun, play time and craziness!  Here’s some simple tips to keep you super chilled out:

  • When your precious kiddos wake up after a beautiful and glorious night of sleep, in which they allow you to sleep in, {stop laughing!} have them make their bed!  This will already eliminate clutter and give a good start to the day!Image
  • After breakfast and a quick clean-up, have them get dressed in their play clothes.  I like them to choose something that can be comfortable and can get messy but can also be worn to a store or anywhere else in times of surprise plans. 
  • HAVE TONS AND TONS OF FUN {this really is the most important task of Spring Break!}Image
  • Be sure that your Box O’ Snacks is full of yummy snacks when “that time” of day hits. This will eliminate the crazy mess trail that kids have a tendency to leave behind. 
  • One big thing that we have implemented is the stopwatch clean up.  You can do this once a day for 10 minutes, or longer, if your kids are older. We generally do this after dinner but before bed.  You may also choose to do this technique twice or three times per day with much shorter “stop & pick up” times.  When the family comes together for the same purpose, with one goal in mind, this can actually be fun!  Set a timer in the house that has a beeping indicator when time is up.  Quickly assign each person their area to pick up and GO!  You’ll be amazed how much will get done!  With all of the fun the kids have had throughout the day, surely, 10 minutes {or so} won’t be too awful.  You may also want to offer a little prize {piece of gum, a dollar, a few chocolate chips, etc} for those who go above and beyond!


    Bottom line, do the little things that take moments so you can enjoy all the BIG moments that matter! For more info on these Spring Break organization tips, e-mail us at [email protected]! We would love to hear from you! Tata, for now…I am on my way out to play!

    Until next time,