In our home everyone participates in making messes, therefore everyone participates in cleaning the messes.

My two oldest have been known to make grandiose statements such as, “All we do is clean!” Despite their protests, I reassure you my kids have a very blessed life.

I believe in starting them young too. Toddlers are great little helpers since they have yet to realize that chores are apparently childhood torture techniques.


A small cloth and away he goes………


He gets down to business!


One of my favorite moments. I caught her singing to the toilet as she scrubbed away!

So if you have munchkins running around your house, put a dust cloth in their little hands, and get them to work!

Don’t underestimate what these little ones are capable of. Here’s a quick list of ideas for each age group:


-Pick up toys


-Swiffer floor (My two year olds favorite chore!)


-Laundry (help load/unload washer/dryer and put some clothes away)


-Wipe down walls (After all those are likely their little hand prints!)

School Age:

-Load/unload dishwasher

-Clean bathrooms



Good luck! (I just completed my first of three trips down the teenage aisle. So all I can say is, “Keep a good sense of humor with those buggers!”)

By the time kids reach their teens they should be well versed in the family chore routine. My best advice is to make sure your teen can function as a productive young adult by the time they leave your nest. Now is the time to make sure they can purchase and prepare their own food, know the difference between the detergent bottle and fabric softener bottle and how to operate a laundry machine, pay their bills, balance their checkbook, and be a productive member of society.

I guess I am considered old-school in the fact that NONE of my children will live at home rent free, without a solid college/military start date,  and jobless one moment past their 18th birthday.

So far this hard-ass attitude has served well as my oldest is now doing chores and going to school for the United States Navy. Something tells me they are WAY more tough on him than I ever was.

Thank you for reading One Organized Mama and remember to ENJOY LIFE ORGANIZED!!



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