eOrganizeAs my business grows so do my relationships with clients who struggle with chronic disorganization.

I have been inspired by the courage of these clients to ask for help and amazed by the hard work and determination to get their lives and homes in order.

As a person that has struggled with organization issues myself, I empathize with the overwhelming feelings that my clients experience.

I have decided to launch a new service to One Organized Mama called eOrganize.

eOrganize is perfect for people who:

  • Have several areas in their homes/lives that need organization
  • Need assistance with culling through clutter and finding a place for the items in their homes
  • Need an accountability partner to help keep them on task….in a firm yet gentle manner
  • Would benefit from a detailed plan with goals and deadlines

I want to make eOrganize as affordable to my clients at only $19.99 per month. You decide the length you need the service. The benefits include:

  • One 30 minute assessment a month (This is where I help you decide where to start, how to start, and give you a detailed “to-do” list to set goals. I can help with product suggestions, tips on overcoming organization obstacles such as money, time, and space.)
  • Once a week check-in (We will email, schedule a phone call, meet for coffee, or Skype around your schedule to check on your progress and make adjustments to your goals to help keep you on track.)
  • As an eOrganize client you will receive a HUGE Discount off my hourly rate of only $20 per hour for hands-on organized help (43% off normal rate!!)

It is my mission to teach others to ENJOY LIFE ORGANIZED. So if this sounds like a plan you would benefit from contact me anytime!



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