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Sydnie B. is one of my awesome clients. During our organizing session, I taught her the Timer Technique which she has implemented in her daily routine and is seeing results. Below is her feedback from our session:
Just wanted to give you an update of the help you provided me.   I’ve implemented your 20 minute rule…..with minor adjustments.  Set it for 25, with a 5 minutes warning.  Love it!  My livingroom and dining area look awesomely clean, my back room and office are better, but still a work in progress.
Sydnie B. North Las Vegas, NV
How does the Timer Technique work?
I generally teach it to clients as an easy technique to begin the decluttering process, getting control of paperwork and tackling large projects. It’s like eating that elephant one bite at a time!
I encourage clients to set a timer of any increment up to 20 minutes. (5, 10, 15, or 20) Then create three piles: KEEP, TRASH/SHRED, DONATE/SELL. (Depending on the project, of course!)
Straight to work they go, quickly picking up one item at a time and making a quick decision on which pile it belongs in. When the timer DINGS! They stop, find or create a home for the keep items and get rid of the other piles.
The reason I teach not to go beyond 20 minutes is because the longer you go the more likely you are to get distracted. One piece of mail will remind you to put it on your desk, and on your way to your desk you notice the dog needs to be fed, and once your scooping the food you remember you need to take chicken out of the freezer for dinner and then the phone rings and once you hang up you ask yourself, “What was I doing?”‘
The Timer Technique requires you to focus on the task on hand and once you’ve completed your session you move on!
Here is how I use it in my daily routine to keep clutter under control:
First you’ll need just a few things:
  • A basket or bin about the size of a laundry basket.

This size will do!

  • A caddy with some type of cleaning cloth (paper towels, sponge, a “rag” as my mom calls it) your favorite cleaning spray and some trash bags.

That’s all you need! Save the dusting spray, window cleaner and other stuff for when you have time to do a deep clean.

  • You may bring a broom, Swiffer, Vacuum Cleaner–all up to you. (Mopping is another deep clean day task.)
  • Now take your basket, cleaning caddy and your cell phone as you go from room to room in your house. Set your timer and GO! (Smaller rooms like bathrooms get 1-2 minutes, medium rooms like dining rooms get 2-3 minutes and larger rooms like family rooms and kitchens get 3-5 minutes each.)
  • As soon as the timer starts, quickly put things away, items that go into another room go in the laundry basket, wipe down surfaces, put trash in trash bags and if you have enough time sweep, Swiffer or vacuum your floor. When the timer, DINGS! move on!
  • Go from room to room, setting the timer and tidying up as quickly as you can. Before you know it the entire house is neater in minutes!!
  • At the end of your session empty the contents of the laundry basket and put the items where they belong.

That’s it!

This is a great technique to teach kids too!

My client Sydnie adapted the Timer Technique to fit her specific needs successfully and you can too!


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