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Tips For Storing Holiday Decor

holiday organization Dec 30, 2020

The time has come to take down the tree, nestle stocking back inside their bins, and store tree ornaments that survived little fingers and a clumsy dog.

Here are some useful tips for storing your holiday decor:

  • Choose bins wisely.

As a professional organizer, nothing was more harrowing than lifting XXL bins up and down from ceiling storage in garages! Trying to find my balance on a 10 foot ladder as another organizer lifted an over-sized and extremely heavy bin to me, lifting it nearly above my head and back into place.......was not only extremely difficult but quite dangerous as well. 

I always recommend plastic bins over any type of cardboard BUT choose wisely. The larger the bin the lighter the items. Heavy items should be stored in small bins if they're being stored in high places (great, now I have Garth Brooks stuck in my head....) OR stored in low and easy to access locations. TRUST me on this and be careful on those ladders! 

  • Recycle packing materials.

If you've been hoarding packing materials, grocery store bags, newspapers, and magazines NOW is your moment of glory! Use and recycle packing materials when packing and storing your decor. Wrap bows around a bunched up supply of grocery store bags to help them keep their shape.

  • How to pack bins.

This is quite obvious, BUT sometimes we just need to get stuff put away quickly. Be mindful of how you and your helpers are packing those bins. Heavy items on bottom and lighter items on top. Use your recycled packing materials to place between layers to prevent items from being scratched or dinged. 

  • Don't forget to label. 

Oh my heavens, this year we forgot which bin had the Elf on the Shelf! Our youngest asked why his cousin's elf arrived the day after Thanksgiving but why hadn't his......(parent-FAIL). So, my teen daughter to the rescue as she ran to find ANY EOTS (Elf on the Shelf....this is how I label it now), and could only find a girl! Eeeek! Well super-creative-daughter to the rescue....AGAIN as she concocted an entire scenario where our Elf had enlisted in the Elf Army and was deployed the day before Thanksgiving! (Obvi....a military brat whose been through this a time or two....) It WORKED! Phew! Our Elf wrote notes to our youngest throughout the season and his "girlfriend Elf" brought the notes to us! 

So, lesson learned......LABEL those bins because you WON'T remember where you put anything in 11 months! 

'Til next season.......


One Organized Mama 



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