Ten Benefits Of Being Organized: #4 More Energy

Truth be told, minutes before I sat down to write this post I was sucked into watching two episodes of The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. Trust me, I enjoy every splendid second of indulging in an occasional mindless activity. After all, everyone needs time to deflate and unwind.

The issue becomes when there is either too much “down” time or when your time is so chaotic from a lack of direction and purpose.

Getting direction and purpose is much easier than you may think. Try a schedule, a short to-do list, and a little organizing your world and watch as you get more pep in your step!

For instance, I learned that starting off my day on a regular routine makes the day run more smoothly and I feel better about myself, my home, my work, and my life.

Good Day: Wake up when my alarm rings at 5:15 a.m. and I get those shoes on and go for my walk/run. This momentum continues throughout my day and I have a productive day.


Eh Day: Hit snooze 4 times and realize it’s now 5:51 a.m. and not enough time to exercise and shower before taking kids to school and since I overslept I feel groggy and it’s harder to get my day started.

Great Day: Take the time to sit down and plan out 2-3 healthy meals, check fridge/pantry for ingredients, and create grocery list.


Uck Day: Stress driving home from work about dinner and deciding to pick up take-out on the way home. Then regretting the mucho-calorie-packed-super-greasy-meal I just ate.

Amazing Day: Spend a couple of hours getting all family members involved in chores and cleaning up house so that later that day we can spend time together with popcorn and a movie. (I would have said “game night” but unlike other nice families we are an uber-competitive family and shamefully someone leaves the game table upset because the other three “ganged-up” on them during the game and sent all of their Sorry board pieces back home.)


Terrible Day: Mom does all the chores…..and is not a happy camper about it…..the rest of the day………

So even though it doesn’t sound like a lot of fun to get a schedule, a to-do list, or a routine let me tell you it pays off BIG time in the long run!

Try it!

I would love to hear your suggestions of how being more organized helped you enjoy life better.

Enjoy Life Organized!