The definition of “win-win” is denoting a situation in which each party benefits in some way.

Consider this when making changes in your home and life especially when you live with others.

If you’re a frequent reader of this blog you know that I give an honest depiction of my life and home. Nothing about my life is about perfection or being under the false pretense that perfection is even attainable.

This is in large part to understanding that by being HAPPY I must approach organizing my life and home with the concept of “win-win” in mind at all times.

This is why there are toys in the front room of my house, my pre-teen’s room is the place where all tchotchke’s that touch her precious hands are apparently welcome to reside…..forever…. and touches of patriotism and service adorn an occasional wall or shelf throughout my home.  Is the Marine Corp flag really how I would like to decorate? No, but scarlet and gold mean a lot to my husband who served proudly so stay it will.

Two examples of recent compromise with “win-win” in mind.


For some reason I took the kids with me to purchase new pillows for the couches in the family room. I was fine with compromising on fun but….this wasn’t exactly what I was thinking. For some reason the kids loved this pillow and begged for it. Of course my instant reaction was, “No, it doesn’t go with anything.” Then I realized this is going in the “family” room after all…..and well they are a big part of the family. Truth be told it has grown on me and I fluff it up and now display it proudly.


From day 1 of moving in together as a family my Jar Head hubby has been searching for a home for his beloved Corp flag. Originally, I insisted it was best kept preserved in the plastic bag it was stored in. After moving into our new home I realized there was a brilliant compromise where he could display it proudly and I could live with. (It’s visible from the sidewalk in front of our Air Force neighbors home. Ooh-Rah!)


Consider your housemates whether they are family, friends, or roommates when starting organizing projects. Take note of where your kids prefer to do their homework and consider making a “homework center” in that location. If your roommate likes to bring over his buddies to watch a game, be considerate that they’d prefer not to have to use their foot to knock off your skivvies from the furniture before they sit down. Be considerate and undress in your bedroom. (Recent advice I gave to a client.)

Think with “Win-Win” in mind and trust me you’ll have a much happier home!

Enjoy Life Organized!

Thank you for reading One Organized Mama too!